Thor (2011)


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12  115 min  –  Action | Adventure | Fantasy   –  27 April 2011 (UK)


Kenneth Branagh


Ashley Miller; Zack Stentz; Don Payne; J. Michael Straczynski; Mark Protosevich


Chris Hemsworth; Anthony Hopkins; Natalie Portman


After Thor (Hemsworth) angers the infamous enemies of the Asgardians: The Frost Giants – he is stripped of his Godly powers, hammer and title of being ‘Kind of Asgard’ and banished to earth, which he must later defend…


“You know, for a crazy homeless person he’s pretty cut” is what one of the characters says about Thor, the overly-hench and overly-angry hero in one of this year’s Summer blockbusters. Thor obviously goes to the gym quite a lot, however, he’s lacking in the brain department – this generally sums up his character, he’s there for the female section of the audience to look at…and that’s pretty much it. His emotions consist of anger, ‘normal mode’ and…anger (‘normal mode’ being not angry).

He’d be the kid in your class who’d take offense to anything and everything. If you called him ‘gay’ or ‘retarded’, he’d probably pin you to the floor and repeatedly bash a brick on your head, or in Thor’s case: a magical hammer. But hey, he’s a God who lives in the clouds with all of his God-friends, so, us the audience, are allowed to turn a blind-eye when he gets peed off for no real reason.

Thor is arrogant and angry: not a good mix – this is especially shown when he irritates a few Frost Giants (bad move) and as a result of this, Odin – Thor’s father – takes away Thor’s powers, his hammer and his title of being ‘King of Asgard’. Oh and for good measure, Thor is banished to earth; slight overreaction perhaps, but hey that’s Summer blockbusters for you (and a plot device which the writers cunningly use in such a way because if Thor wasn’t banished, there wouldn’t be a film meaning that there wouldn’t be a massive gazillion-pound profit).

Once he arrives on earth, he is reluctantly seen by Jane and the gang. Jane is researcher and scientist who is fascinated by Thor and his life as a God.

After a kerfuffle where Thor scrambles around half-blind half-confused saying clichéd dialogue such as: ‘where am I?…” and ‘what have you done with me?…” (etc…), there is a (clichéd) section which is craftily used: the ‘fish out of water montage’ – i.e. lots of gags about how he doesn’t understand technology, and a ridiculous, but humorous moment where he slams a coffee cup on the floor in a café , to which Jane explains to him “we don’t do that.” Humorous – even though a tad clichéd – the humour here works, and is continued throughout the film to provide the film with its energy, warmth and charm.

(Oh, and there’s some evil government people who are just there to be evil for plot device reasons which I won’t explain as not to ruin the plot. Note: In following with the cliché, they wear black suits and sunglasses.)

There are many good moments in this film: I liked the long CGI shots showing us the vast landscapes of Asgard, I liked the beginning of the film where we cut from earth to Asgard to explain how the two would collide in a culture-clash, I liked the originality of the plot, I liked how the film had charm, warmth and a sense of fun.

All in all, Thor is a good film which will bring eight year olds joy and provide older members of the audience with some escapist fun. A good film. Solid 3 stars.


Failing in the sense that it has a few clichés and undeveloped characters, however, it’s a Summer blockbuster, so we expected that anyway. Enjoyable, original, escapist fun which should entertain the younger members of the audience as well as the older members.


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