A-Z of Film…PART TWO

E is for Erin Brokovitch

Erin Brokovitch is a fiesty young woman who starts off as unemployed (and perhaps, even, ‘unemployable’), however, by chance – and a lot of begging – she is employed at a law firm. Can young Erin take down a massive water corporation? Based on a true story, Erin Brokovitch is powerful, brutally honest, funny and filled with a lot of ‘acidic’ language.

F is for Full Metal Jacket

Kubrick’s tale of the dehumanising effects of boot-camp and war itself packs more punch than most Vietnam war films stacked up together. The language (mainly from Hartman) is unforgiving and the violence is brutal. All in all Kubrick’s story about the human condition and war’s need for animalistic and instinctual violence is sharp, honest, brutal and thought-provoking.

G is for Goldfinger

Bond-fans – and film-buffs alike – will state that ‘Goldfinger’ is the ‘quintessential Bond-film’, it is the Bond-film that simply defines what Bond-films are all about: women, car-chases, out-of-this-world gadgets, cheesy gags, borderline-insane villains, and not to mention some crude-60s humour (‘Pussy Galore’ says it all). Bond investigates a Gold-smuggler and his side-kick (midget and deadly bowler-hat carrier Oddjob) who are attempting to corrupt the Fort Knox gold reserve.

H is for Halloween

Halloween is John Carpenter’s masterpiece of horror, it redefined the horror genre and invented a new sub-genre known as the ‘slasher film’. Due to this, several remakes and copy-cat films have been made, but none quite add up to this cinematic gem. Mike Myers escapes from a mental hospital to kill…again…and again…and again. As the film progresses, and the audience experiences shock after shock after shock until the film’s dramatic ending, Halloween sets itself to be a horror film that not only leaves you terrified, that not only keeps you at the edge of your seat, but best of all: it is a film which some – if not, most – horrors are compared against.

I is for Inception
A dream within a dream within a dream within a dream, and possibly: within another dream. Yup, this is Christopher Nolan’s modern cinematic masterpiece which oozes with complexity, and once you ‘get it’, pays you off well. Dom Cobb works as an extractor, he is paid to extract information from enemies of corporate businesses. Yet can he do the ‘impossible’? Can he plant a piece of information in somebody’s head? Can he carry out ‘inception’?…

Next time…J to N…


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