Commando (1985)


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18  90 min  –  Action | Adventure   –  21 February 1986 (UK)


Mark L. Lester


Jeph Loeb; Matthew Weisman; Steven E. de Souza


Arnold Schwarzenegger; Rae Dawn Chong; Dan Hedaya


John Matrix’s daughter, Jenny, is kidnapped in an attempt to make John kill the president. John has 10 hours to rescue Jenny, otherwise, she’ll be killed…


Commando is trash cinema of the highest calibre, it is a masterpiece in all its idiotic dumbness, it is the greatest film with: the best rubbish script, best rubbish acting, and  the best borderline idiotic ‘plot’. In simple terms, Commando is the greatest guilty pleasure cinema has ever spewed out since the invention of the romantic-comedy – and what the hell, I still love it. Yes, love it.

Commando is a film that fits nicely into that so-called ‘genre’ of film called the ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ genre. But hey, don’t all 80s action flicks fit into that?

Commando genuinely doesn’t care how bad the quality of the acting or the script is, why would it? Does it even matter? We’re all having fun. After all, Arnie’s blowing up things and shooting people, and delivering gags in his trademark deadpan style. Like, when he’s trying to chase the Sully, he immediately sees Cindy leaving work, asks her if he can borrow her car and then rips one of the seats out so his he can’t be seen by Sully. (Note to self: Arnold Schwarzenegger is so big that even though the seats been ripped out, you can still see his head anyway.)

The film isn’t like most bad action films, it isn’t about how big the explosions are, or how big the death-count is, it’s about the build up to each bad guy being killed, and more importantly: how he’s killed. (Not to mention that cheesy gags.) In simple terms, it’s not directed by Michael Bay.

Most action movies, wouldn’t care less about how the bad-guys are killed. Yet here is a movie that does. Commando ensures that during the process of taking the bad-guys out, it’s still funny, engaging, involving, entertaining, and of course: cheesy.

Everything worked in this film: the chance encounter between John and Cindy, the cliché of good guys vs bad guys, the pace, the humour, oh, and the gag about how Cindy can’t use a rocket-launcher, yet when she ‘read the instructions’ she somehow could. Everything.

It is a shame that the action genre has slipped recently; there won’t be movies like Cobra, or Die Hard, or Commando. Hollywood has shoved its big neck in and dumbed things down. Hollywood believes that if you shove a few big-chested blonde 20-something women and some explosions in, it makes a good film. It doesn’t. Warmth and soul does; it is my firm opinion that even though Commando isn’t of good quality in terms of direction, narrative or acting, it at least has warmth and heart, and surely, that makes it a film worth going to see.


Yes, it may have bad acting, a bad script and be absolutely, mind-bendingly cheesy. But who cares? It’s got a heart, a soul, a certain warmth to it.


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