Sex and the City (2008)


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  145 min  –  Comedy | Drama | Romance   –  28 May 2008 (UK)


Michael Patrick King


Michael Patrick King


Sarah Jessica Parker; Kim Cattrall; Cynthia Nixon


The personal lives of four women are intertwined in a story about love, sex and relationships.


Deep down, we are all consumerist suckers, we think we’re not insecure about who we are, yet actually we are. Men want ‘washboard’ abs and women want that slim figure. And if you’re in Sex and the City you need to get that Gucci handbag like now. NOW.

Sex and the City is a film where all women either stare at those dream pair of shoes, or at a topless man’s chest. It is a film where all gay characters are either helping out with their best friends wedding. And a film where walk-in wardrobes are a girls dream.

In essence, Sex and the City doesn’t really have a main plot as such, but rather, it tells the story of the lives of four separate womenm, so it has four plots. It is a film about characters, so lets see what we’ve got:

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker): Carrie is going to get married to Mr. Big (innuendo?…). However, the marriage ceremony doesn’t quite work out and she spends the rest of the movie feeling depressed and insulting Mr. Big for not getting rid of his pre-marriage nerves. Then at the end, we’re supposed to feel sorry for her (baring in mind she’s a woman with a wardrobe which is literally a ro0m, and on the day of her wedding she hit her husband with a bunch of flowers in the centre of a busy road).

Then we have…

 Samantha (Kim Cattrall): All she does is have sex, and lots of it. She thinks about sex, talks about it. Oh and surprise, surprise: loves it as well. Everything about her is to do with sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. SEX! With her, if it ain’t about sex…it’s probably about foreplay. The writing of her character defies logic, common sense and any sense of ‘humanity’ whatsoever. Everything about her is to do with sex, so much so, that all of the characters associated with her are about (you guessed it) sex. The bloke next door has constant one night stands. And her pet dog humps everything and anything: from pillows to people’s legs. Also of note, is the fact that later on in the film she splits up with her husband because she claims that it ‘isn’t working’. (I doubt this highly, as if we observe the character of Samantha, we see that she has a deep passion to have a rough session of passion with the bloke next door.)

Then we have Charlotte. Well…she doesn’t have a character. She’s adopted a baby, and errr…that’s it.

We then have…

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon): Her marriage is failing because there’s not enough sex in it. As a result, her husband cheats on her, and as a result she wonders around flailing her arms, crying all the time. I don’t need to tell you what happens later, it’s too predictable.

Here we have a movie which is ludicrous in terms of its writing. All women in it are either obsessed with sex or obsessed with handbags. Yes, in real life, people do like sex and fashion, but that does not define them as a person, it doesn’t define them as what makes them human. On a serious note, this movie is part of the media industry which is obsessed with bodies and how we look. The media industry has bred us in such a subtle way to want the perfect body, the perfect life, the perfect home, and in the case of Sex and the City: the perfect pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes (OMG). Sex and the City relies on this factor to make a good movie, it wants us to envy the lives of these characters. Yet, these characters aren’t real. Nobody has the perfect life, let alone the perfect walk-in wardrobe, and due to this people are becoming obsessed with being thin, which explains the rise in eating disorders, such as: anorexia.

Now, Sex and the City is a movie that thinks it’s good. It thinks it has a message, it thinks it says something about love, relationships and fidelity, but it doesn’t. It’s no Eyes Wide Shut when it comes to observations and commentaries about love and sex. Eyes Wide Shut says a lot about what people do when they realise a partner may have been unfaithful, it is a detailed character study. The character Bill in it (Tom Cruise) in Eyes Wide Shut is a complex one, he spends the movie brooding and thinking about past events, things that could have happened, may have happened between his wife and other men. However, in Sex and the City, Miranda just shouts a lot, cries and says ‘don’t get married!’. That, says it all.


A film that says nothing about sex and relationships and gives out false stereotypes: women are obsessed with handbags and sex, and all gay men are camp and have around 300 fag-hags. A film that’ll brainwash its audience to want to be like the characters, even though the characters aren’t real, and surely, that, can be a very dangerous thing.


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