J is for Jungle Book

The last animated masterpiece to be overseen by Walt Disney himself. A fun family flick which is enjoyable for children as well as for parents. Jungle Book follows the adventures of Mowgli, and his friends Baloo (the bear) and Bagheera (the panther) as they go deep into the forest and are almost led astray by King Louie and face danger from Shere Khan.

K  is for The King’s Speech

A film that claimed immediate media and public attention, and deservedly so: because it’s bloody brilliant. Colin Firth plays King George VI, who faces the world with a dilemma: he has a stammer…and a couple of months time, he has to make a speech on live radio to millions of people across the globe. Problem, much? No method to cure him of his harsh predicament has worked. However, along comes an Australian speech-therapist named ‘Lionel Logue’, played by Archie Rush, whose methods  are unorthodox to say the least. As the movie progresses, their friendship develops. A heart-warming and funny tale, with moments of ecstatically casual swearing.

L is for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Spot the influence: Quentin Tarantino.

This is the British Pulp Fiction: it’s got a labyrinth plot, fast-talking gangsters, and sharp, acid-tongued dialogue. What more could you want in a fast-paced crime-caper?…otber  than, the ball-squeezing, violent and Inglorious Basterd that is Vinnie Jones. Eddy plays poker against violent fat-man, gambler and porn king known as ‘Hatchett Harry’. Harry cheats and Eddy is £500’000 short. Harry then sends ‘Barry the Baptist’ to tell Eddy that if Eddy n his gang don’t deliver the £500’000, he will chop of the fingers of his friends. Day by day.

M is for Memento

A film told backwards, literally. Christopher Nolan directs a mind-mashingly complex masterpiece about a man called Lenny suffering from a memory disorder where he can’t form and remember new memories. Baring this in mind, Lenny is attempting to find out who raped and murdered his wife, by taking pictures, writing notes, and tattooing his body so he doesn’t forget the clues that he uncovers.

N is for The Night of the Living Dead

The original zombie movie, and indeed: the best. Need I say anymore?


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