5 Things They Didn’t Want to Tell You…(2)

Some film trivia…

(All the trivia is from http://www.imdb.com)

1) Reservoir Dogs – Quentin Tarantino wanted James Woods to play a role in the film, and made him five different cash offers. Woods’ agent refused the offers without ever mentioning it to Woods as the sums offered were well below what Woods would usually receive. When Tarantino and Woods later met for the first time, Woods learned of the offer and was annoyed enough to get a new agent. Tarantino avoided telling Woods which role he was offered “because the actor who played the role was magnificent anyway”. It is widely accepted that the role that Tarantino was referring to was Mr. Orange.

2) Reservoir Dogs – Uses the word ‘fuck’ 272 times.

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

3) Bad Boys II – The director, Michael Bay has a cameo role in this (crap) film.

4) The Godfather During rehearsals, a false horse’s head was used for the bedroom scene. For the actual shot, a real horse’s head was used, acquired from a dog-food factory. According to John Marley, his scream of horror was real as he was not informed that a real head was going to be used.

The Godfather

The Godfather

5) Inception – The character Cobb is an architect in this movie. The actor who played Cobb, Alex Haw in Christopher Nolan’s earlier movie, Following is actually an architect in real life.



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