T is for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Arguably the most terrifying film ever made. Oozing with a delightfully disturbing atmosphere throughout, it has head-chopping, meet-hooks, cannibals, and an unforgettable ‘dinner scene’. This is a film which will shake your subconscious fears so much that you’ll probably be shaking and sweating by the end. Sod Saw, this is the one to watch.

U is for Un Chien Andalou

Surrealist classic. If you thought Inland Empire or Donnie Darko made no sense, be warned. This film is as plotless as they come: a woman’s eye is slit, another random woman falls off of a bicycle, a woman is sexually harassed by a man whose hands have ants on them, a hand is pushed with a stick…each random event follows the next in an unforgettable dreamlike nightmare…

V is for Vertigo

Said to be Alfred Hitchcock’s best film, though not my favourite film, you cannot ignore its influence in cinema. It explores timeless themes such as: freedom, power, love and desire.

is for When Harry Met Sally

A romantic comedy which is actually romantic and comic! (Success!) It oozes and drips in cliché and convention, yet it oddly works (unlike most rom-coms). It’s slick in its direction and basically explodes in innuendos (fake orgasm in a restaurant).When Harry Met Sally essentially proves to us that a good script, a good director and good acting all mount up to a bloody brilliant film. Not to miss.


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