Let’s Censor Film Censorship

The rating system is an absolute joke

The rating system is an absolute joke

I’ve never been a fan of film censorship, I completely disagree with the concept of censoring the arts or stopping an entire group of people watching a film because they’re ‘not old enough’. It’s just patronising, and let’s be honest: books, music, pamphlets, pictures, paintings don’t have an age-rating. So why do films?

Either way, above is an example of the ludicrous nature of film censorship. Surely films like Bully should have a universal certificate to ensure that everyone sees the damaging effects of bullying?

Rant over.


One thought on “Let’s Censor Film Censorship

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you about censorship; that any film has to be censored at all is a shame. If someone thinks they’re going to be offended by something, they shouldn’t go and see it. Simple as that.

    Having said that, censorship is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Just be glad the Catholic Church don’t have as big a say in films as they used to; they pretty much had the power to stop a film being released.

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