Horror Fest: DAY 8

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Detention (2010):



1973, a child is burned to death in an incinerator due to a prank gone wrong performed by some high school bullies. Years later, revenge is taken on the offsprings of the bullies themselves.


Detention (2010)

Detention (2010)

Some films are so terrible that pinning your thoughts down about the film with words isn’t even enough to express your disgust – such is the case with Detention. Revenge movies are great, but I think taking revenge on the sons and daughters of the people who bullied you is rather silly to say the least, a waste of a decent pick-axe if you will.

The characters are just dreadfully developed: rich girl, jock, thick-idiot, kooky goth, angry head-teacher, the most stereotypical black character in film history: short-tempered, gets violent really easily. The CGI looks like it was made on iMovie, probably because it was – if you don’t have facilities for good CGI, don’t use it, just imply it.

The entire film was a bore and a pain to get through, and every shot flashed blue constantly due to the fact that there was thunder and lightning in an attempt to create a ‘scary atmosphere’. The film’s concept is what it thinks will be scary: a group of teenagers trapped in a school where a boy died years ago, and the fact that all the teenagers seem to clash with each other. It isn’t the content of the film that can create scares, it’s how its done. I would select a key moment in the film to encompass its atmosphere, but doing so would be a waste of words.

Every time, a ‘scary moment’ occurred, I was reactionless, I rolled my eyes. The film managed to distance me and not draw me in. Every minute there was a cliché. It got to the extent where I wasn’t angry at what I saw, but rather just pitied.

Verdict: 0/5


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